Tilapia Tacos with Cucumber Avocado Salsa

I cannot live without Mexican food. Of course it’s delicious by its own merit but there are two other forces at work behind my ardor for Southwestern spice. Number one, that I’m a California Native essentially predetermined my unmanageable midnight horchata cravings at birth. Number two, my parents own (and cook in) a Mexican restaurant. The story of how that all started is possibly an entire week’s worth of posts but suffice to say I knew how to make enchilada sauce by the time I was nine. It’s out of my hands, Mexican food will haunt me forever.

I would be hesitant to call this an authentic fish taco. The rumored origin of the fish taco is Baja California where grilled fish comes accompanied by cabbage and a creamy dressing in a corn tortilla. The fish in tacos are often battered and fried which although delicious, leaves me feeling slightly ill afterwards. In this case, I’ve opted for a healthier set of ingredients: flour-free sprouted grain tortillas, grilled tilapia, red cabbage, and a simple avocado salsa with cucumber. Super healthy, super tasty.

I was thinking to serve a fresh corn succotash with these but wanted to save my appetite for the fish. If you fancy black beans, add some on the side for extra protein. Don’t forget the hot sauce! Try a tasty Mexican beer like Negro Modelo, Dos Equis amber, or Tecate.

Grilled Tilapia Tacos with Avocado Cucumber Salsa

Serves 4


1 Large English Cucumber, chopped

1 Avocado, halved and cut into small pieces

6 Scallions, chopped (green parts only)

2 Garlic Cloves, minced

1 Jalepeño Pepper, seeds removed, diced

½ tsp Ground Cumin

¼ tsp Ground Coriander

Juice of 1 Lime

S+P to taste

1 lb. Tilapia Filets

Olive Oil

Cayenne Pepper

1 C Fresh Red Cabbage, chopped

Sprouted Grain Tortillas

Directions: In a medium bowl, combine cucumber, avocado, scallions, garlic, jalepeño, cumin, coriander and lime juice. Stir until well mixed. It’s okay if some of the avocado gets mushy but take care to leave to larger chunks in the mix as well! Add salt and pepper to taste.

Rub tilapia filets with olive oil and season with salt, black pepper and cayenne (I like a lot of spice and might have used ½ tsp per filet.) Brush grill rack with oil. Grill filets on medium-high heat until opaque in the center (approx 4 minutes per side.)

Lightly Char tortillas on grill approx 10 seconds per side. Serve fish minced on a plate alongside fresh red cabbage and bowl of cucumber salsa.

Optional garnishes could include fresh cilantro, Greek yogurt (as al alternative to sour cream,) your favorite hot sauce (I like Tapatio,) black beans, or diced fresh radish. Delish!

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