Miniature Cherry Galettes

Yesterday was a little confusing. Most people seemed to be keeping busy with activities concerning the “big game,” and throughout the neighborhood a distinct smell of BBQ became prominent as the afternoon wore on. Even online people were trading recipes for spicy chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches. My senses were totally flooded with reminders of foods I associate with outdoor cooking and summertime. Reality check: it’s February; the sun still sets before 6 pm; the patio grill is in disrepair; cherries are not in season.

Cherries have one of my favorite late-summer flavors. There are approximately zero days out of the year that if offered cherry pie that I could find a dignified reason with which to decline, so it remains unsurprising that what I saw a bag of fresh (Chilean) cherries at the grocery store, I snapped them up. The sun was shining. Everyone was grilling. I was going to make a cherry pie! Like I said, yesterday was confusing.

The odds were in my favor. I had just taken a ball of shortcrust dough out of the freezer the day before. Seeing that bag of cherries (the first bag of fresh cherries I had laid eyes upon in months, mind you) was divine intervention. I decided on making the pies miniaturized because I wanted to gracefully eat them by hand. The one pictured above is actually slightly larger than the others I made which started as 4 1/2″ dough circles. After spooning a bit of the cherries (which I spiced with nutmeg) onto the dough, I folded the edges up into what looked more like a pouch than a pie. Those turned out to be good 3-bite pastries but they also turned out to be eaten long before I got to photographing them.

Miniature Cherry Galettes

Makes about 8


Pie Dough (1/2 of this recipe)

1 lb. Fresh Cherries (or thawed from frozen,) pitted and halved

2 T Agave Sweetener

½ tsp Ground Nutmeg

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Egg Yolk

1 T Water

Optional Powdered Sugar for Dusting

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Toss cherries with agave, nutmeg and vanilla. Divide dough into 8 equal parts. Roll out into 4 ½” circles. Spoon cherries onto dough rounds and pinch dough edges up around the cherries to contain them. Beat egg yolk together with water. Brush egg yolk mixture onto dough. Bake until dough is golden and cherries are bubbling (approx 18 minutes.) Dust with sugar and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Miniature Cherry Galettes

  1. they look great! i don’t think you have to wait for the appropriate time to eat certain foods. we bbq in the winter all the time, have ice cream in the winter, hot pot in the summer….

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