Cream and Cone

I just can’t seem to step AWAY from my ice cream maker. It’s churning away all the time. My freezer is CHOCK full and I’m pleased to report that as I sat here tapping away at the title of this post, a package arrived on my doorstep. It’s a waffle cone maker. Yeah. I went there. So I’ve been thinking that my ice cream should have a home of its own. I’m happy and nervous to announce my new blog: Cream and Cone. The Incuisition isn’t going anywhere. Fear not! But I hope you’ll join me at C&C for all things frozen and delicious. Today’s post: Vegan Chocolate Goji Berry Ice Cream. See you there!

Apartment Therapy’s “Homies” Awards

This little blog here is on the ballot to be nominated for Apartment Therapy’s “Homies Award” for best food photography on a blog. Voting closes on March 2nd at 11:59 pm EST. The top 6 blogs with the most votes will be in the running for the award. Fun, huh? You do need to register with Apartment Therapy to cast your vote but it takes less time than toasting a piece of bread, plus you have the added incentive of checking out as many of the blogs on the list as your eyeballs can handle. I just started following 8 new blogs after discovering them on this list! I cast a vote for What Katie Ate which is a blog I’ve been admiring for a long time now. The photos are incredible and worth a peek if you’re not already familiar. Happy voting!