Cardamom Lime Olive Oil Cake

I was gifted with another large box of yellow limes the other day which I can safely call the highlight of my week. After I arrange a choral ode of praise to a certain mamacita whose lime tree has rained citrus excellence upon my humble kitchen, I’ll finish figuring out what to do with all of them! See you all here for margaritas when the sun comes out, ok?

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Angel Food Cupcakes

I realize that some people got totally burnt out on cupcakes a few years ago after the “cupcake explosion” that was heard loud and clear here in Los Angeles when cupcake shops began littering each neighborhood with excessive frosting and alluring typography. It was a dark time for the Angelenos huddled in a line twenty deep in front of Sprinkles where a simple note on the window urged them to please keep front door closed to ensure the utmost freshness of our cupcakes. Dark times indeed. Backlash ensued. But let us not forget the cupcake’s virtues!

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Vegan Apple Cake

Sometimes I perceive myself as being overwhelmed by what I don’t have. I stress about not having enough money to replace my car’s clutch when it inevitably wears out from grinding uphill daily in stop-and-go traffic. I stress about having abandoned my college degree just two years in the making, about not having the intelligence to filter and craft my life experience into something meaningful, and about not having the gumption to dismiss this idea entirely and forge ahead. Sometimes I even stress about not having Le Cruset’s Crepe pan, but I also recognize that what I lack is not the problem.

I have what I need and then some. My life is not bereft of options. I’m free to choose what do with my free time. I chose where to live and who to marry. I chose to start this blog and elect each day to continue writing it. My diet is my choice and I am fortunate enough to decide what and when I eat. I forget at times this in itself is pure luxury.

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Citrus Mail

Some people find that receiving mail is a nuisance but I love shredding through whatever I find in our mailbox even if it’s just unnecessary auto insurance information addressed to “resident.” I’m all over it. So the other day when a small box that actually had my name inscribed on the front flap arrived, I tore into it with the force of a starved raccoon. Guess what was inside? Tiny Mexican limes! There were only a few inside but the fragrance was deafening. That’s right. The scent was so delightfully strong that I ceased to hear anything around me. For example, our obese and hungry cat sharply announcing his arrival for an evening meal normally elicits from me a distinctly negative guttural exclamation. Not this time for I was shrouded in an angelic sound cloud of citrus scent. Cry on cat, I’m immune to you.

Now, let’s talk limes. I was told these tiny yellow fruits are like key limes which have a thinner rind and a brighter, more acidic taste than the green limes we’re all used to seeing. I felt like homage to the key lime pie should be paid so I made a coconut key lime ice cream! But there’s more. I also made some wholly wicked gingersnaps and made ice cream sandwiches!

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