Approximate Salad

The last couple of weeks have been a bit foggy. Even through the veil of normalcy in carrying on with daily routines, it’s been clear that changes in our dog’s health have taken their emotional toll on us. One day last week, for the first time since this landslide of uncertainty began, our dog was acting energetic and healthy. Just to watch him padding up the block, sniffing each tree and leaf along the way, detecting what had happened in his week-long absence, was enormous relief. It was cause for celebration! That night, my husband and I went to one of my absolute favorite Los Angeles eateries: Pizzeria Mozza. We had two pizzas (squash blossoms / burrata, and goat cheese / leek / bacon) along with a super leafy salad and a small bowl of purple brussels sprouts with walnuts and avocado. I took one bite and realized I’d need to make this at home.

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Cream and Cone

I just can’t seem to step AWAY from my ice cream maker. It’s churning away all the time. My freezer is CHOCK full and I’m pleased to report that as I sat here tapping away at the title of this post, a package arrived on my doorstep. It’s a waffle cone maker. Yeah. I went there. So I’ve been thinking that my ice cream should have a home of its own. I’m happy and nervous to announce my new blog: Cream and Cone. The Incuisition isn’t going anywhere. Fear not! But I hope you’ll join me at C&C for all things frozen and delicious. Today’s post: Vegan Chocolate Goji Berry Ice Cream. See you there!

Cardamom Lime Olive Oil Cake

I was gifted with another large box of yellow limes the other day which I can safely call the highlight of my week. After I arrange a choral ode of praise to a certain mamacita whose lime tree has rained citrus excellence upon my humble kitchen, I’ll finish figuring out what to do with all of them! See you all here for margaritas when the sun comes out, ok?

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Angel Food Cupcakes

I realize that some people got totally burnt out on cupcakes a few years ago after the “cupcake explosion” that was heard loud and clear here in Los Angeles when cupcake shops began littering each neighborhood with excessive frosting and alluring typography. It was a dark time for the Angelenos huddled in a line twenty deep in front of Sprinkles where a simple note on the window urged them to please keep front door closed to ensure the utmost freshness of our cupcakes. Dark times indeed. Backlash ensued. But let us not forget the cupcake’s virtues!

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