Cream and Cone

I just can’t seem to step AWAY from my ice cream maker. It’s churning away all the time. My freezer is CHOCK full and I’m pleased to report that as I sat here tapping away at the title of this post, a package arrived on my doorstep. It’s a waffle cone maker. Yeah. I went there. So I’ve been thinking that my ice cream should have a home of its own. I’m happy and nervous to announce my new blog: Cream and Cone. The Incuisition isn’t going anywhere. Fear not! But I hope you’ll join me at C&C for all things frozen and delicious. Today’s post: Vegan Chocolate Goji Berry Ice Cream. See you there!

Vegan Apple Cake

Sometimes I perceive myself as being overwhelmed by what I don’t have. I stress about not having enough money to replace my car’s clutch when it inevitably wears out from grinding uphill daily in stop-and-go traffic. I stress about having abandoned my college degree just two years in the making, about not having the intelligence to filter and craft my life experience into something meaningful, and about not having the gumption to dismiss this idea entirely and forge ahead. Sometimes I even stress about not having Le Cruset’s Crepe pan, but I also recognize that what I lack is not the problem.

I have what I need and then some. My life is not bereft of options. I’m free to choose what do with my free time. I chose where to live and who to marry. I chose to start this blog and elect each day to continue writing it. My diet is my choice and I am fortunate enough to decide what and when I eat. I forget at times this in itself is pure luxury.

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Scarlet Quinoa

There’s a place I really like here in L.A called M Cafe. It focuses on super tasty macrobiotic meals. It might be easy to write off macrobiotics as a cult or faddish lifestyle given the range of claims made on its ability to cure certain diseases. Many of these theses are widely rejected but I’d rather not get into all of that. What I can reap and appreciate from the macrobiotic diet is a focus on grain and plant-based nutrition. Eating local and seasonal foods is also a mainstay of the macrobiotic ideologue, and is a practice I value.

The first time I had lunch at M Cafe, I saw a package of vibrant red quinoa. The friend I was with was quick to point out that the restaurant is well known for this particular dish which they call “scarlet quinoa.”

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

I just want to get it out there and say yes, I had cookies for breakfast. A typical breakfast for me is a slice of sprouted grain toast with either butter if I’m drinking tea, or nut butter if I’m drinking coffee. Nothing crazy, I’m a creature who likes a routine. I’m also, however, a creature who likes a good cookie.

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